My Best Tips and Tricks as a Disney Expert #2

My Best Tips and Tricks as a Disney Expert #2

Tip #2

Don’t leave the parks mid-day!!

Ignore the advice of the vast majority of travel writers who write about a trip to Disney World using information fed to them by Disney, especially when they recommend leaving the parks mid-day to go back to your hotel for a nap or mid-day break.

Disney theme parks are always busiest at mid-day, and this advice, which sounds like it is meant to enhance guest’s well-being, is actually only about load-balancing the number of people in the parks throughout the day.

If Disney can get thousands of guests to leave the park during mid-day, it makes for shorter lines and less stress for both guests and staff, or more guests being accommodated in the park, which always means more revenue for Disney!

When compared to other alternatives, Disney park tickets provide tremendous value, but they are still very expensive. After spending upwards of $500 – $600 for park tickets for a single day, the best thing a family can do to get the best value on the investment is to arrive as early as possible and stay right through to the very end of the evening, which usually close with spectacular night-time and fireworks shows that are absolutely incredible and well worth the long day.

Don’t leave! Instead, plan on doing some quieter activities, like taking in a show in an air-conditioned theatre at mid-day to get a break. In the Magic Kingdom, Mickey’s Philharmagic is a great choice, along with It’s a Small World, or Pirates of the Caribbean (they’re both cool, relaxing water rides).  Do The Land boat tour or watch Impressions du France at Epcot. A Bug’s Life is fabulous under the tree at Animal Kingdom (though not relaxing). Unfortunately, I can’t suggest an activity like these at Hollywood Studios right now… perhaps the Frozen Sing-along if it’s still operating.

Getting into and out of the parks can be a major, time-consuming chore with lots of walking. Taking a break to go to your hotel room from the Magic Kingdom can sometimes mean a minimum of an hour each way, so it’s really not a good use of time you have paid for to be enjoying the parks.

My Background: Husband, Father, Grandfather – Disney Theme Park ‘Super’ Fan – Roughly 40 trips to Central Florida and Walt Disney World since 1997. Designer/builder with specific knowledge of theme park and attraction design, and history of Disney theme parks. Current Disney World Annual Passholder.  My son worked as a Cast Member in Epcot for two years. Disney shareholder. Owner-Operator of three successful vacation rentals located two miles south of Disney World Resort Property since 2009, hosting over 600 couples and families visiting Florida from USA, Canada, Europe, Middle-East & South America. As part of our service I provide advice, trip planning and suggestions for our guests all the time.

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