Breezy Oak Villas Online GuideBook & App

Breezy Oak Villas provides two private short-term rental vacation homes located just south of the Walt Disney World property near Orlando, FL.

All of our guests receive access to our Online GuideBook which provides almost everything they need to know about staying with us!

The GuideBook can also be installed on a smart phone as an App, providing instant access to it, even when not connected to the internet!

iPhone with Breezy Oak Villas App on it

The GuideBook includes our Home Manual, a Local Area Guide, Emergency Contacts, Alarm Instructions and Check-in and Check-Out Information, and more! It is all electronic so you can access it online anywhere, but you can also install it on your phone as an App, so you always have it with you, even when your phone doesn’t have internet access! I highly recommend this! And you can easily print the whole thing or generate a PDF of it if you want.

It also includes a handy Map section to help you in getting around. Every location, attraction, or service mentioned in the GuideBook is pinned in the Map section, so you can easily get driving directions via Google Maps automatically.

Sections include:

  • Welcome

  • Assistance & Emergency Contacts

  • Before You Leave Home

  • Rules & Regulations Highlights

  • Arrival Information

  • About the Villa

  • Villa Amenities

  • Safety & Security

  • Activities & Entertainment

  • Unique Day Excursions

  • Your Local Area Guide

  • So Long, Farewell!

  • Book Again

Our new GuideBook is always your best source of guidance, because we can update it instantly when new information becomes available!

BOV GuideBook

You will receive an email shortly before your stay with a link to your Online GuideBook along with instructions to install the App on your phone or iPad. Why not sooner? One of the advantages of the GuideBook is that we can constantly update it, unlike the printed version in the villa, so it always has the most current, up-to-date information. By getting it shortly before you travel, you’ll have the most recent version possible.