Our Community

Welcome to Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks is a unique residential community, tucked away off the beaten path, yet right in the middle of the most visited vacation wonderland in the world! It is regarded as one of the most peaceful and secluded developments in the entire area.

Thousand Oaks is a beautiful woodland Nature Conservation Area, allowing you to experience a taste of natural Florida. This exclusive area is appropriately named because of the multitude of old majestic pine and oak trees that grow in the area.

The area has a number of natural ponds and a 40-acre deep water lake teeming with fish that attracts the occasional angler.

Quiet & Safe
Thousand Oaks was one of the first Orlando areas to incorporate cameras at its entrances, greatly enhancing security without impeding safety!

Conservation Area
This is one of the most desirable, quiet and enjoyable communities in the Orlando area, separated from Disney’s own conservation area only by the Reunion golf resort.


Wildlife Watching
Expect to see raccoons, rabbits, turtles, opossums and armadillos, many birds (including sandhill cranes, eagles, wild turkeys and vultures) and even an occasional alligator in the nearby central lake. (We’re told they must be there, as rumor has it that every single body of water in Florida has at least one gator in it! But truth-be-told… in over a decade of visiting at least a month per year, we’ve never seen an alligator in Thousand Oaks!)


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