Security & Convenience

Security & Convenience

Imagine arriving at MCO (Orlando International Airport) after a long day of flights and connection, then waiting in a long line to obtain your rental vehicle, and racing off through an unfamiliar area to find an obscure rental office located miles away from your actual destination where you can again wait in line to pay a security deposit and finally obtain your key and directions to where you will actually be staying… sound like fun?

It doesn’t seem very nice to us either, which is why we have taken steps to eliminate the ‘check-in process’ completely, allowing you to do one thing when you arrive in the Orlando area… head directly home and relax!!

Your Security
Lock BlockPrior to your arrival, you will be issued a unique electronic access code via email, along with a detailed map of how to reach the villa. This electronic access code is date and time sensitive, meaning the only people who can access the villa during your stay is you and your family. This is because your code is yours and yours alone – no other guest’s codes will work on the villa’s locks ever again, ensuring your privacy and security. A safe is available to protect your valuables while you are away from the home.

Your Convenience
With no security gates to impede you, you are free to come and go from the villa as you please, whenever it fits your schedule. Remote security cameras monitor both entrances to the community, enhancing your security without impeding your movement.

Protecting Valuables
A safe is available to protect small valuables while you are away from the home. It is securely bolted to the concrete sub-floor from the interior, making it practically impossible to remove!

For your safety Breezy Oak Villa features:
• Security Alarm & Fire System
• Smoke Detectors
• Emergency Lighting
• Fire Extinguishers
• Pool Door Safety Alarms
• Secured Safe

Find out
how we’ve eliminated the time-wasting hassle of having
to check-in and out of a vacation home.

Like most vacation rental properties, Breezy Oak Villa is ‘self-catering’ which means staff will never be in your rooms while you’re away, nor expecting tips for services you don’t require.

“… very quiet and peaceful, not to mention safe! I can’t recall a day when we didn’t see the local police patrolling down the street near the home.”