Seasonal Discounts

Seasonal Discounts

Are you traveling on a budget? Watch the seasons and save up to 40%! Although Orlando is a year-round tourism destination, rates are highly seasonal, meaning highly-discounted for low season.

If you’re traveling on a budget, the best thing you can do is go during low season, when rates for everything are at their lowest of the year! Not only will you save on accommodations at Breezy Oak Villas, but your airline flights and rental cars will cost less too. You can even sometimes take advantage of special offers on theme park and attractions tickets too!

This is the number one way to travel on a budget in Orlando, but even if budget isn’t your primary concern, it is still a great way to decide when to go. Why? During low season, lines and wait times for everything are at their lowest! While some guests wait in line for up to an hour at a time to get on a popular ride like Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, imagine getting on it with absolutely no wait, and getting off and going around and riding it again immediately after, again with no wait! If you want to see and do it all at the theme parks (and who doesn’t), going during off-peak times is the way to go!

Pull the kids out of school if you have to! You’ll be glad you did! And so will your wallet!

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