You exceeded our expectations!

You exceeded our expectations!

Dealing with you (Robert) has been pleasant & professional. You have made the whole experience great. When you book on the internet, you never know what you will get when you arrive. You exceeded our expectations! Villa set up was good for 2 families. Key code worked well, no one needed to have a key. We like to make our own meals, due to dietary restrictions & allergies, so the kitchen setup worked well. You can prepare meals & still interact with the family due to the open concept. Kids LOVED the pool, heated temperature was good, as the weather was cool. Electric BBQ worked well & was clean.

  • Stars 5/5
  • Property BOV
  • Stayed March 13, 2010
  • Submitted April 2, 2010
  • Posted To BOV Blog By Owner
  • Guest Tamatha S.
  • Home Location Kanata, Ontario, Canada
  • Reservation ID  002

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