We hope to return soon!

We hope to return soon!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Breezy Oak Villa! The home is very comfortable and having all the amenities of home is the way to go for us – it makes the visit that much more pleasant. We enjoyed cooking our meals (except for one meal out when we visited the east-coast beach). The home is very comfortable, clean and attractive but not to the point of causing guests to be worried about living in it. The pool was delightful and just the right size for our family. The privacy of the backyard/pool area was perfect. We enjoyed a very relaxing week and we hope to return soon!

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  • Property BOV
  • Stayed May 23, 2011
  • Submitted December 30, 2011
  • Posted To BOV Blog By Owner
  • Guest Deb N.
  • Home Location Ham Lake, Minnesota, USA
  • Reservation ID  050


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