Very Nice and Good Value for the Money

Very Nice and Good Value for the Money

We are “serial renters” and have been to a lot of villas, and this one was indeed very nice and had good value for the money. It was very easy to get in and “arrive” so from parking to having the house “under control” it took us roughly an hour which is a good time considering we have two kids and a ton of luggage. This meant our trip to the nearby Publix grocery store could be focused on the immediate next meals, and not just getting basics – this really was nice! Renting this villa was a “no surprises sure thing.” It has a lot of upsides, being well suited for a family holiday – we were able to just get in and get going. We were delighted with the arrival and check-in process and cleanliness, maintenance, and distance to the attractions exceeded our expectations. It was a very practical and ‘easy’ home base for our holiday, so we definitely enjoyed our time there. The biggest problem is it seems to make time fly by too quickly and we had to leave too soon!

  • Stars 5/5
  • Property POV
  • Stayed August 1, 2014
  • Submitted September 29, 2014
  • Posted To VRBO By Guest
  • Guest Mark P. (Joanne D.)
  • Home Location Vienna, Lower Austria
  • Reservation ID  221
  • Recommended for: People with Disabilities,  Families with Young Children,  Sightseeing,  Girls Getaway,  Adventure Seekers,  Age 55+,  Families with Teenagers

Owner response: Thank you for your kind comments. It was a treat to host our first guest from Austria, and a pleasure to have you and your family in our Florida home. I enjoyed the humour we shared in our communications too!

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