The value that the house offers is fantastic

The value that the house offers is fantastic

We loved our stay at Pleasant Oak Villa for our first trip to Florida and Disney World. The value that the house offers is fantastic. The house had plenty of room for the six of us who stayed there. It was only a few minute drive to the Disney parks. The neighbourhood was very quiet, secure and friendly. The pool was by far the favorite feature for our two kids. And it was very relaxing to sit and listen to the birds. This was our 6th online vacation rental home, and we were very pleased with it. Also, when there were a couple of small mix-ups, I emailed Robert. He called the house immediately and had everything corrected before we got home at the end of the day! Nobody wants mistakes, but we all know that they do sometimes happen. Robert was extremely helpful and made sure everything was exactly as it should be! We loved this very comfortable home and would definitely go back.

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  • Stayed November 14, 2013
  • Submitted December 5, 2013
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  • Guest Awny B.
  • Home Location Lacombe, Alberta, Canada
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  • Recommended for: People with Disabilities,  Families with Young Children,  Sightseeing,  Adventure Seekers,  Age 55+,  Families with Teenagers

Owner response: Thank you for your nice comments. It’s true… Even the best organizations run into problems once in a while. No matter how hard one tries to make things as perfect as they can be, sometimes things will go wrong. The question is ‘How does one respond to a challenge?’ We want to do anything we reasonably can (and sometimes even unreasonably) to take care of a problem and minimize its impact on our guests. I was very pleased at how quickly we could get the issues resolved, and your understanding was appreciated.

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