Thank you, thank you and again thank you…

Thank you, thank you and again thank you…

I would love to stay in your house again. Everything was great. It was great having business with you. I never met you, but I feel like I know you for long time.

The house was very clean and we felt like we were staying in our own house. I never stayed in someone’s house before and we are going on vacations twice a year! We always stayed in a hotel, but this year was very special. It was my parents 40th anniversary and me and my sister decided to take them to Disney World, but we didn’t want them to be alone in a hotel room, so this is why we decided to go with your house and we loved it, especially when we had Thanksgiving dinner together around your table! Everything was great. I really liked a location. It was very close to Disney World. We didn’t stay in the house a lot because we wanted to explore the area but it was very nice when we got home from our trips every day and had dinner together in a kitchen. We also loved that you had TVs in your living room and bedrooms – it helped kids and adults to watch different channels. We also loved to swim in the pool after long day walking around Disney parks. The 4 bedrooms worked perfectly with our families. Kids had their own bedroom and adults had privacy as well.

I liked a lot that we could use wireless internet. My sister and her family came to USA from Ukraine 3 years ago and she never saw an ocean, so she asked me if we can take her there. I went on line and found public beach in St. Petersburg called Treasure Island and we had a great time on the beach for 2 days. It was only 90 miles away from your house. It is why I liked location of your house so much.

So thank you, thank you and again thank for great vacations. I would recommend your beautiful house to all my friends and maybe one day in a future we will visit you again. It was very nice to have business with you.

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  • Stayed November 20, 2011
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