Nice Villa

Nice Villa

Nice villa in quiet neighbourhood. The actual living space in the villa is quite small for the number of rooms available and the outside space around the pool is limited with only two loungers. It would have been nice to have used the garage for the car as it was so hot although I’m sure families could use the games facilities, if the weather was cooler. The alarm system was stressful until we were proficient at using it. (Yes, we did set it off!). As mentioned in another review the master bed is very high even though we had stools to hop up on to the bed! Great fridge freezer with ice making machine. We had sun at the pool all day. Finally, villa was good and within easy reach of the Parks.

  • Stars 4/5
  • Property POV
  • Stayed August 28, 2015
  • Submitted September 21, 2015
  • Posted To VRBO By Guest
  • Guest Yvonne W.
  • Home Location Aberlour, Banffshire, United Kingdom
  • Reservation ID  285
  • Recommended for: Families with Young Children

Owner response: Thank you for your kind words about our property! It was a pleasure to have you as our guests. Any owner who takes pride in their Vacation Rental home like we do wants everything to be perfect. We see a rating of less than five stars as sort of a failure to reach our goal, so will address your specific comments.

I’m surprised you found the living space ‘small’. It features large seating for six, the dining table seats 8, and should have been quite adequate for your party of just two people. Of the hundred families we’ve hosted to date, no one else has ever expressed this as a concern. Our photos show an accurate representation of the living area and invite prospective guests to review them in detail.

With two loungers presently on the pool deck, we do plan on adding more, but it should be noted that there’s currently seating for an additional 12 other people on the pool deck & lanai! We thought this generous for a property that sleeps eight people.

Arriving into a garage as hot or hotter than the outside summer air provides little benefit compared to the games area it has been transformed into. Please enjoy it next time. The basketball game is a real favourite!

The alarm system is one of many security features we have for protection of our property and guests. It functions just like any other quality system and is easy to use. For example, my 80-year-old mother has no problem with it, and doesn’t find it stressful at all! You don’t have to use it, as the area is very safe, but we certainly prefer and recommend that guests do so.

Thank you for staying with us at Pleasant Oak Villa. We do hope to be able to welcome you back soon!

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