A Great Vacation

A Great Vacation

We had a great vacation at this villa. The entire process from booking through to the end of the vacation was incredibly smooth. Robert is very organized and clearly wants his guests to have a vacation to remember. The home is very clean and is very private. We enjoyed the pool and games room after busy days at Universal Studios. This was the first time booking a vacation home and would highly recommend Robert. Thanks Robert!

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  • Property BOV
  • Stayed June 27, 2015
  • Submitted July 15, 2015
  • Posted To BOV Blog By Owner
  • Guest Scott A.
  • Home Location Huntsville, Ontario, Canada
  • Reservation ID  261

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About the author:Rob Peters is the Site Administrator, Blogger and Chief-Touble-Maker on BreezyOakVillas.com When not online, he is managing his terrific vacation rental properties in Florida, or admiring his three adult kids and loving his wife Donna.