Nice but understand the deposit policy

Nice but understand the deposit policy

We enjoyed the House, it is very nice.

Only issue we had was with the security alarm, as we tried to turn it on when we left but couldn’t get to work and didn’t see any instructions.

Did not like the security deposit. I knew we had one but did not know until after paid for house that you had to give the deposit 2 weeks before the stay and they will return in 45 days. I am used to a deposit using a pending charge on card and once checked out it is released. This means I have to pay the credit card the amount of deposit now and wait maybe 2 billing cycles before I get it returned.

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  • Stayed November 7, 2019
  • Submitted November 13, 2019
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  • Guest Mark S.
  • Home Location Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA
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My Response
Hi Mark, thank you for staying with us, and thank you for your kind words about Breezy Oak Villa.

There is a separate page of detailed instructions for the alarm provided to all guests on their Online Reservations Page on our system, but I will use your comments as a suggestion and update the instructions card on the wall next to the keypad to include arming instructions (not just disarming as it does now).

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the VR business, holds on credit cards for deposits are not something typically done or something we have access to like hotels do. Although our T&Cs allows for one month to return the deposit (which allows enough time for utility bills to be received and reviewed if necessary) it is only in the rarest of circumstances that we would take that amount of time to process a security deposit refund. We understand that it can be great if it is credited to one’s account within the same billing cycle, so we try very hard to refund them just as soon as we possibly can. (For example, yours is being refunded within two days of your departure.) For many guests (depending upon how much they use their credit card) even charging it in one month and refunded in the next will not dramatically affect their cash flow, as the credit will reduce their payment the next month. In fact, our Security/Account deposit procedures result in holding deposits for a much shorter time than is typically experienced by HomeAway/VRBO guests, as we only collect them just before arrival, and refund just as soon afterward as we can (they are often collected 8 weeks prior to arrival with many other properties).

Mark and his wife were great guests, and we hope to be able to welcome them back soon!

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