Home felt brand new

Home felt brand new

The home was great, clean, and well supplied with everything our family needed for the stay; comfortable inside furniture, easy to use television, and provided me the means to cook for my family away just like I do at home. We prefer to eat in since we have three kids and one being a 2 year old, and I wasn’t lacking in equipment to cook. Being able to cook and do laundry made trips to the park easy, and packing up clean laundry very nice. The pool was great, and the latch kept our 2 year old from being able to wonder out which was a relief. The game room was great for our older two children.

The home felt brand-new with the remodel. We have a large home, so being in a ranch style home that had close living room and kitchen was nice for a vacation and allowed us to be together, but have space when we slept.

Thank you for the experience. We’ll recommend the home to friends and definitely stay here again on a return trip.

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  • Stayed June 3, 2013
  • Submitted July 18, 2013
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  • Guest Matt W.
  • Home Location Kansas City, MO, USA
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