Air Conditioner for the Villa Garage/Games Room

Honeywell Air Conditioner for the Villa Garage/Games Room

We have provided a Honeywell Air Condition in the Garage/Games Room area of the villa for our guest’s enjoyment and convenience.

Here are details of using/operating the unit:

The Honeywell Air Conditioner in the Garage/Games Room is there to help keep the garage cool, unfortunately, these units do not work as well as advertised (and we were told prior to purchasing them) in Florida during the summer.

The problem is that the units produce far too much condensation if run during the summers in Florida, which is when they are really needed. They can not run without being manually drained repeatedly, which is not something guests are interested in doing. (Which I find perfectly understandable.) Had we been fully informed of the drain issue, I would have invested in a different solution.

We have been after the seller/installer to provide a constant drain solution so that the units can be run all the time, however due to the pandemic we have had a very hard time getting someone from the company to take care of it, or even supply us with the needed parts, and I myself have not been able to travel to Florida to attempt to come up with a solution on my own.

Below are a number of images that explain operating the unit.

You do not need a remote to operate it, everything can be done from the control pad on the face of the device.

Guests are free to go ahead and use it as well as you can, however please do ensure that the hot air vent duct remains in place. This was another area of disappointment for us, we were not satisfied with how the duct work was installed, and don’t feel it stays in place as well as it needs to, especially for use in a vacation rental.

If it is not plugged in, please be careful in doing so, meaning do not unplug other needed items, such as the TED or the Etherrain unit, which have dedicated plugins. When I was last there myself, there were outlets for everything, and everything was plugged in, but I know that some guests have been messing around with all of it unfortunately, which I simply don’t understand but I know happens all the time. Of course we always leave things in such a way that everything is powered and connected as it should be, but we are constantly greeted by surprises upon our return.

Given how much the garage area can heat up during the day, and the humidity in that warm air, it is best to start the unit first thing in the morning to keep it as cool as possible, starting with the cooler overnight temperatures, rather than starting it in the heat of the day to try to cool things down after being heated up.

I’m sorry that I don’t have better information for you about this. This is a new addition to the villas we are recently trying to get working/running on an even keel so that it is reliably available for our guests, but I don’t feel we are there yet.

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