Care in the Kitchen

Some things you just assume everyone would understand about cooking, but experience has shown that isn’t the case. These are a few of our expectations!

Please NEVER use metal utensils in teflon cookware, EVER. NEVER cut in a Teflon pan! We supply plastic and silicon cooking utensils for use in Teflon pots and pans. Nothing else should be used in them! (Your mother did teach you this stuff, right?)

Speaking of plastic, plastic handled tools should not be left on the stove, or the edge of a hot pot – they melt!

(With greatest apologies: If you do these things while cooking, you’re doing it wrong! Please don’t wreck things for yourself and our next guests. There are great cooking lessons on if you need them! Your mom will be SO proud!)

Use the many cutting boards provided – never cut on the counter. It dulls the knives and damages the counter top.

Speaking of dull knives… you’ll likely find some. It’s impossible keeping these things sharp. Other guests, NOT you of course, do the craziest things with them (I don’t know what… hacking their way through the jungle?) and they’re constantly dulled! There is a sharpener in the drawer for you (at least their WAS…) so please use it as necessary.

And please don’t put trivets (those are ‘hot plates’ or protective wire racks) in the oven or cook with them. They are there to protect the counters and the table from heat – not to be heated up themselves.

Remember to look under the stove for lots of baking sheets and other things for oven use.

Remember, if you need it, in our house it is likely there. You just haven’t looked hard enough yet!

Part of The Crash Course in being a Great Vacation Rental Guest!

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