The Best Surprise

The Best Surprise

When it comes to booking a vacation rental, and the charges and fees you pay, the best surprise you can get with your rental is this: No Surprises!

We do have some extra charges for optional items that our guests may choose to add to their booking. We realize that this is frustrating to some guests, but we do things this way for some very good reasons. Most importantly, it allows us to provide our guests with the best value. You can read about extra charges and our approach to them here.

Eliminating the ‘Gotcha!’

At Breezy Oak Villas, the only surprises we want our guests to experience are pleasant ones. That means that we never surprise guests with extra charges, either before, during or after their stay.

Yes we charge extra for optional items, so only those guests that want and will use them pay for them. But we are completely up front about them, at all times. In our advertising, and listings on property web sites, we immediately explain that some things are available for an optional charge. It is right there when we inform prospective guests that we have these things available. Some of the most common ones we explain immediately right in our standard reply that goes out to every inquiry we receive, even before we have provided a quote.

And when a guest books with us, before they commit to booking our property, the optional items, and their charges, are all listed right there on the booking form so the guest can select them or not, BEFORE they submit the booking form. If they don’t like what they see, or have a problem or a question about any of our optional items, they can contact us to discuss their concern or get further clarification, but we never have a guest request any of our optional items without knowing immediately, prior to booking, what they cost, and being provided the option to include them with their booking or not.

When a guest books our property, they have been provided the exact total price, and it NEVER varies from what they agree to on the booking form and then is confirmed in their booking confirmation.

Our quotes include all charges and taxes, right down to the penny. If a guest has asked about anything, we include it in the quote so they are aware immediately what the charge will be. We include the price of Optional Pool Heating in every quote we provide for dates during cooler months, whether the guest asks about it or not, because we expect that they likely are going to want the pool heated and will want to know what the charge would be.

If they indicate in their inquiry that they have an infant, we include the additional $5 per day that we charge for baby items in the quote, because we want them to know up front that these extras are available and what they cost. The guest is always free to NOT accept an optional item when they complete their booking form.

Optional means to us that these items are provided at the guest’s option, not ours.

But the point is, our guests never pay more than what they agree to when they book with us, unless they later request additional items or services, and in those cases, we first provide a quote for the addition which the guest must accept in writing prior to it being added to the reservation.

All of this reflects our desire to treat people the way we would like and expect to be treated, and that means no surprises.

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