Security Cameras at the Villas

At all of our properties, we use CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) or Security Cameras for the protection and security of our properties and our guests.

The security cameras are a great security enhancement for the villa. They are a much better deterrent to criminals than the alarm system is, because they are always on, and can identify who is perpetrating an act, not just notify someone at a distance that it is happening.

The cameras cover the front and sides of the property. They aren’t hidden, anyone can see them simply by looking for them. No one is watching what they see. They record only when motion is detected for later review if necessary; did a sub trade show up? What time did the cleaners arrive and leave… that sort of thing. And yes, they can be used to see if a guest snuck too many guests into the property (we once had someone show up with 15 people!) or park on the lawn. But they don’t provide much beyond that.

There are seven cameras in total, and here’s what they see: