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Thank you for choosing to book Breezy Oak or Pleasant Oak Villa. You have made a great choice and will enjoy staying in our much-loved Florida home!

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Once completed, you will receive a Confirmation of Booking directly from us which will include all details of your reservation, including charges and payment schedule.

You will be provided with an Online Reservations Management Page on our system which contains complete details of your reservation, accessible at any time. Later, as your Arrival Date draws near, from this page you will be able to download custom maps, a copy of our Home Manual and other information to make your stay the best it can be.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email. We look forward to welcoming you to Florida soon!

Breezy Oak Villas

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    Your emailed quote is your record of the Rental Charges for the property for the indicated dates. Details of all charges, fees and taxes will appear on your Online Reservations Page on our system, and will match the price quoted unless the booking is altered and/or Options are added below. If you notice any discrepancies or have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us for clarification or correction as soon as possible.


    *Covers the guest for up to $750 of accidental, reported damage.

    All payments must be in USD – United States Dollars. Currency conversion (if needed) provided by your payment processor.

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    Expression of Interest

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    Additional Terms and Conditions Addendum for an Expression of Interest Only for renting this property.

    • At my choosing, rather than paying the full, non-refundable 20% Booking Deposit, I may elect to instead pay a 10% Fully-Refundable Expression of Interest Deposit.
    • By so doing, I will receive First Notice and First Right of Refusal on the dates indicated above, meaning should another guest wish to book them, I will have 24 hours from provision of notice by the owner via email to either;
    1) Book the Dates, through payment of an additional 10% of Rental Charges, thereby converting my Expression of Interest to a Non-Refundable Booking Deposit, OR
    2) Decline to Book the Dates, in which case I lose any rights or interest in the dates whatsoever.
    • Should I Decline to Book the Dates when Notice is provided, my Expression of Interest Deposit will be refunded in full (Less a 3% credit card processing fee [3% of 10%] only if applied by the CC processing bank).
    • At any time prior to 60 Days before the Arrival Date, I may convert the Expression of Interest Payment to a full Non-Refundable Booking Deposit of 20% of Total Rental Charges, by paying an additional 10% of Total Rental Charges. In this case, my Booking will then be Confirmed and proceed as per the regular Terms and Conditions indicated within and attached to this form.
    • The Expression of Interest Payment is Fully Refundable should the property not be booked by myself for the dates indicated.
    • The Expression of Interest Deposit will be refunded within 14-21 days after any of the following:
    – Any of the indicated dates are booked by another property.
    – I decline to commit to book the dates when requested by the owner (Non-exercise of First Right of Refusal).
    – I decline to book the dates and request the Expression of Interest Deposit be Refunded by the owner.
    – The indicated Arrival Date and no further payment has been made to convert the Expression of Interest to a Booking
    • I understand that Payment of an Expression of Interest Deposit grants me no specific rights to stay in the property at any time.
    • I understand that the Rental Rate/Charges for the property are subject to change until I have a confirmed booking.

    Cancellation Terms (Apply once an Expression of Interest is converted to a Confirmed Booking.)

    In the event of your party needing to cancel, the following conditions will apply:
    • The Booking Deposit is Non-Refundable. In event of cancellation by the guest, a whole or partial refund of the Booking Deposit MAY be provided at the sole discretion of the owners. Alternatively, the owners MAY provide the guest with a non-refundable credit to use for another booking at another time, again solely at the owner’s discretion.
    • Any cancellation within 8 weeks prior to the Arrival Date will regrettably result in loss of the whole booking fee (not including the security deposit).
    • It is the responsibility of the signatory to ensure that a confirmed cancellation letter reaches the owner. E-mail cancellations are not acceptable unless or until the customer receives a return email acknowledging the cancellation. If a return email is not received please call to ensure that your notice has been received. The cancellation takes effect only upon the sending of a return email acknowledging the cancellation is received.
    • Failure to pay the final balance by the due date (8 weeks prior to arrival) may result in loss of the booking and deposit. If we do not receive the payment we will endeavour to contact the guest but if no payment or communication from the client is received, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and recover from the guest any balance owing.
    • If you do have a problem, PLEASE contact us as soon as possible to discuss the matter.
    We strongly recommend that all guests take out adequate holiday, injury, medical and cancellation Insurance Coverage at the time of booking.

    By entering my initials here I understand and accept the Cancellation Terms of renting this property.

    Minimum Age Confirmation

    By entering my initials here I confirm that I am Aged 25 Years or more.

    Confirmation of Quote

    I agree that I have already received a Quoted price for this Vacation Rental Booking, and by submitting this Booking Form I accept the Quoted Price I have been provided, subject to any additions or options I have selected on this Booking Form. I understand that upon submission of this Booking Form, I will receive a Confirmation of Booking via Email containing details of all charges related to this Booking, and that I have 24 hours upon sending of the Confirmation of Booking via Email to review those total charges, after which they will be considered as accepted by me.
    By entering my initials here I accept the quoted price provided to me by email, and the prices for any optional items selected above.

    Credit Card Cardholder Agreement

    By entering my initials here I assert that I have read, understand, and agree to the above terms and policies. I agree to pay all charges indicated according to my credit card agreement.

    Notes or Comments:

    When completed, please click the Submit button below to send this Booking Form to us.
    Important: When clicking the Submit button below you are NOT committing to rent this property. You are Expressing Interest in the Indicated Dates at the property, and by payment of a Refundable Deposit, entitling you to First-Right-of-Refusal on the Indicated Dates, according to the details above.

    After submission of this form, a Tentative Booking will be created for you on our system, and instructions will be provided to you to submit your Expression of Interest Deposit via Credit Card on our Secure Server. Please wait until you have received specific instructions on how to submit your Expression of Interest Payment. You MAY also receive standard instructions for payment of the regular full 20% Booking Deposit, which you requested to kindly ignore for the moment.

    Terms and Conditions

    Prior to submission, please print a copy of the form once completed for your own records.