Tips for Getting the Most from Disney’s FastPass+ Service

Disney’s FastPass+ Service can make your park experience better.  Here are a few veteran tips to make the best use of it.

Book your reservations early, as soon as your reservation window opens (30 days in advance of your first day in the park). This gives you the best chance of securing reservations for the most in-demand attractions.

The lowest waits times of the day are within the first few hours after the park opens. Ride the highest priority attractions with the lowest durations when crowds are lowest. Save your FastPass+ reservations until the late morning and afternoon when crowds begin to rise and hit their peak.

You can only make advance FastPass+ reservations in one park per day. So if you plan to park hop, we recommend using FastPass+ at the second park you’re visiting since you’re more than likely starting at the first one when crowd levels are lower.

Keep using FastPass+ after you’ve used your first three. You can visit an in-park kiosk to make your additional reservations. These additional selections don’t have to be in the same park you used your first three, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve already had a FastPass+ reservation for that ride. We still recommend using the first three for your highest priority attractions, as FastPass+ availability for these popular attractions will be gone or limited for day-of reservations.

Make your selections wisely. We can’t stress this enough! While Disney more than doubled the number of attractions that accept FastPass+, you should remember that all attractions aren’t created equally. Many of the new attractions added to the system don’t warrant using a FastPass.  For guests unfamiliar with the parks and the attractions, the offering of less favoured attractions through FastPass+ really only assists Disney with ‘load-balancing’ the park and the rides.  Be sure that the FastPass+ selections you make are for priority attractions and personal favorites.

If one of your chosen attractions has ended distribution of FastPass+ reservations, don’t give up! Go ahead and make other reservations, but attempt to exchange them for high priority attractions — there might be a cancelation. You can also try adding in-demand attractions for just one party member, and then copy over your selections to other party members.

Pay attention to the weather and the crowds.  If a storm comes up that empties the park, attempt to make FastPass+ reservations for attractions that may have previously been unavailable.  When a guest leaves the park, Disney’s computers know this, and can make some of the previously reserved slots available to guests who remain.

Choose the attractions that are important to you and your family. In the end, your choices are up to you, and only you can decide what’s right for your family! If you’d rather see parades and shows, then make those your reservations. Don’t feel pressured to experience high priority attractions if they aren’t your cup of tea.

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