Thoroughly enjoyed our Time

Thoroughly enjoyed our Time

The villa is perfect for a family to stay in to make the most of their Orlando vacation. We loved having the freedom to be on our own schedule, to visit more attractions than just Disney, and to keep the food budget in check. Robert provides exceptional service from before booking to during the stay, and even a follow-up after checking-out. The process was super simple and the expectations were very clear. The villa is very nice and the pool is fantastic! Be sure to take an evening just to let the kids swim!!! We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent at Breezy Oak Villa.
Recommended for: Families with Young Children, Sightseeing

  • Stars 5 out of 5
  • Property BOV
  • Stayed January 22, 2016
  • Submitted February 16, 2016
  • Posted To VRBO, TripAdvisor By Guest
  • Guest Johnna D.
  • Home Location  Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • Reservation ID  306

My Response
Thank you for your kind words Johnna. It was indeed a pleasure to have you at our Florida home, and I am so glad you enjoyed it. You are right about taking some time to enjoy the pool! It is something that a lot of guests don’t schedule time for, but it can be such a great thing to do, and create such wonderful memories, especially for the kids. Helping families like your have the best Disney vacation possible is our goal, and we are so pleased to have played a part in yours. Thank you again for staying with us! Johnna and her family were absolutely great guests (caring, communicative and conscientious) and are welcome back any time!

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