people often forget to pack

Things people often forget to pack

Here are some things that you may not think to bring with you when packing. While you can purchase them in Orlando very easily, and even many of them at the the theme parks themselves, why bother with that hassle when you can easily bring your own inexpensively?

  1. A small bottle of sunscreen, aloe vera, and headache pills, your choice. Want to be a real pro? Add a small bottle of motion sickness medicine too. Have these with you on your flight in case you need them.
  2. Hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes. Again, great to have on the plane, not just after you arrive.
  3. Face masks. The pandemic may hopefully be behind us, but having face masks kept clean in a ziplock type bag is a great idea for any time you feel less than comfortable.
  4. Backpacks. If your family is like ours, you’ll want to have at least two for your day trips to the theme parks, to hold lunch, snacks, and everything else. Small personal back packs are also a great idea too. You don’t want anything you have to carry.
  5. Reusable permanent straws. You’ll want these for a whole bunch of reasons. Many places (including Disney) are switching to paper straws for environmental reasons, but they’re just icky. They stick to your lips and get soggy. So be good to the environment and bring your own permanent straws along.
  6. Ponchos and or small umbrellas. But ponchos… really. (An umbrella won’t help you on a log flume ride.) Brief but heavy downpours are common in Orlando during the summer. And at any other time of the year, you want to have something to help keep you dry on wet rides in the theme parks, especially on cooler days when getting wet may just make the rest of your day uncomfortable.
  7. Ziplock bags. Stow a bunch of these in your backpack to have for all sorts of unexpected reasons. To keep your cell phone dry on a water ride. Put your socks in one to keep them dry so you’re not walking around with soaking feet all day. Put your expensive DSLR in a freezer size ziplock bag when out kayaking. If you tip over, your camera will float and stay dry at the same time!
  8. Micro towels. You know those cool sports towels that were all the rage a few years back? You bought some and never used them, didn’t you? Here’s your chance! Take them along on your day trips, and save yourself, whether you find yourself in a downpour or baking in the sun!
  9. A second pair of well broken in walking shoes. Theme park days will have you walking more miles than you likely ever have. And your shoes may just give up and fall apart. It’s not that uncommon. Have a second pair of already-broken in shoes available on your trip. You don’t want to be breaking in a new pair on holidays. New shoes will win the battle with your feet and make them very sore!
  10. Bring a pair of flip-flops for use as sandals and out by the pool! Just never expect to be walking in them!
  11. Extra socks too! Put them in one of those ziplock bags to keep them clean and dry and pack them along in your backpack. You’ll be glad you did!
  12. Layerable clothing to keep warm in the winter. Orlando can be subject to the occasional cold snap. And the weather can shift quickly. You may find yourself absolutely freezing in the morning, but way too hot by the afternoon. Have sweaters, light jackets, even thin gloves available so you can handle freezing temperatures, but clothing light enough to remove and stuff in your backpack as need be.
  13. Wall chargers and cords for your phone(s). Don’t forget the transformer cubes too.
  14. A portable phone charger battery with its cords. These are the separate battery type devices that are about the size of your phone. They plug into an outlet to charge, and then later, plug directly into your phone to recharge the phone battery when it’s drained. These are a very useful thing to have, as your phone battery will definitely get a work out while on your trip.
  15. Two pairs of sunglasses. You’ll be glad you have an extra.
  16. An extra suitcase or two. Do you have free checked luggage on one of your travel credit cards? Take a suitcase with you to bring back all those gifts, souvenirs and new clothes you never planned on buying. If you want to be really smart about it, take two suitcases along, one nested inside the other so you have lots of space (and shared weight) coming home.

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