Thank you for staying with us!

Thank you again for staying with us. As your time with us draws to an end, I wanted to let you know that your patronage of Breezy Oak Villas has made a contribution to Give Kids the World Village possible.

Give Kids the World Village is a local Orlando-area organization that provides accommodations and support for families of children with life-threatening illness, that come from all around the world to Orlando in order to grant a dying or sick kid a special wish; a trip to Walt Disney World!


When we were a (very) young couple with our first two very young children (we were still carrying them with us wherever we went) we somehow magically won an invite to be special guests at a fundraising event for what is known locally as The Children’s Wish Foundation. This is a local charity that grants wishes to kids and their families facing life threatening illnesses, as a means of injecting some much needed hope and joy into their lives.

Our kids weren’t sick at all, we actually received the invite because of the way we greeted some TV stars who were in town for the event, at a local mall that afternoon. We were friendly, and asked them thoughtful questions, and treated them like real human beings. They and the organizers took a liking to us, and we won the invite to attend the gala that evening. When we arrived at the gala that night we were treated like royalty and participated in the entire event like members of the head table. Everyone wondered who we were and what our special connection was with the charity, and the stars who spent a surprising part of the evening with us. It’s neat to walk into an event like that, in a room full of hundreds of people, and have a star at the head table react “Oh, HI!” and wave to us as we were lead in to take our seats.

That started an affiliation with the charity, which continued right up until about ten years ago, when the homes that I was building in my home building business were presented as possible prizes in the charity’s annual ‘Wish Home Lottery’. We just found our paths intersecting again and again.

Your stay supports sick kids and their families

Not too long after we purchased our first villa, we realized that perhaps it would be a good idea to donate available dates during the low season to The Children’s Wish Foundation, and we contacted them with this in mind. What we learned was that all ‘wish kids’ and their families that wished for a trip to Orlando (and many of them do) were housed at a special location in Kissimmee called Give Kids the World Village.

Give Kids the World Village is a local Orlando area charity established to house wish kids from all over the world when they get to Orlando, and is much better prepared and has the facilities in place to meet the needs of the special ‘wish’ kids and their families. So rather than donating time in our properties, we realized that the best thing we could do to support the organization and its efforts is to support the village.

Thank you for staying with us!

The villa that you have been staying in is our vacation home. It is where we like to go and vacation too! And that means that it isn’t close by to us. In fact, we are likely three thousand miles away from you right now. It makes it difficult to drop by with a basket of fruit as a thank-you for staying with us!

But one thing we can do, as an expression of thanks to you, is let you know that a small portion of the money you have paid for your stay is being donated to Give Kids the World to help them in their important work.

We don’t publicize or promote this. The page you are reading is ‘hidden’ on our website; it isn’t reachable by a link on the site, and search engines aren’t told about it. This is a special secret that only us, and our guests are aware of. By staying with us, you have helped Give Kids the World Village.

And for that, I thank you very much!

Please come back and stay with us again some time!

Best wishes for a safe and pleasant journey home (or wherever your travels may take you next) when you leave us!

With thanks,

Robert & Donna
Your Hosts!