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Thank you for being our guest at Breezy Oak Villa. We have created the following survey for our guests, and would really appreciate if you could take a few moments to complete it. We really want to make sure that you and everyone who stays in our Florida home is pleased with their experience.
No one else will see this information. Please feel free to be completely honest and certainly let us know about the positive aspects of your stay, along with any negatives. We promise to do everything we can to implement changes that could make our guest experience better for you.
We have taken action based on many of the guest surveys we have received. Your comments are important to us! And please, if you want to and it is not too much trouble, email us a photo or two (or more!) of you and your family on your holiday. We would love to see a few if you want to share! Thank you again for being guests in our Florida home! Your stay with us is truly and greatly appreciated!

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