Like almost all vacation rental homes, our home is ‘self-catering’.

This means that you must take care of your own day-to-day needs while staying at the home, as staff are not available to cater to your needs.

This means specifically that you are responsible for providing your own food, along with personal and household supplies while staying in the home, along with taking care of day to day needs of the property.

When you arrive, there won’t be anyone around to greet you or assist you. You will go straight to the villa using the instructions we provide, and let yourself in.

So please read and familiarize yourself with all of the Arrival Information being sent to you, especially about the lock, alarm system and other house information. Going in ‘blind’ can cause challenges for both you and us if you’re not prepared.

Unlike a hotel, things like soaps, toiletries, toilet paper and towels and linens are not replaced or refreshed during your stay. A small supply of starter items is provided, but if you require additional supplies, it is your responsibility to obtain more as needed during your stay.

You are responsible for doing your own cooking and cleaning, taking care of daily housekeeping needs, and the day-to-day chores necessary to keep any household running smoothly.

Of course, you won’t have to do any of the big jobs necessary to maintain a home, and you will quickly discover that the clean, uncluttered and well-maintained environment of our home provides for a very relaxing vacation.

Having all of the comforts of home (without any of the stresses) allows you to have a truly restful and pleasant vacation experience. Please remember that staying in a vacation home is different from staying in a hotel, and your expectations should be adjusted accordingly.

For more information, also see our FAQ.

(If you would like to have our cleaning service come and re-fresh the home during your stay, please contact us so this service may be provided at an extra charge.)

Also remember to expect that some things to be very different in our home from what you are used to in yours! You may have travelled half-way around the world, and be in a foreign country when staying with us. But even if you are from the next state over, you may as well be in a foreign country when you try to find something in a strange home! Relax, take your time, and make no assumptions.

It’s okay to ask if you can’t find something you need.

Part of The Crash Course in being a Great Vacation Rental Guest!

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