We LOVED being at Breezy Oak Villa!

We LOVED being at Breezy Oak Villa!

We all said (perhaps daily) that we were so lucky to be staying in a home, not a hotel. We had privacy, we didn’t have to shush the kids, they could have as much noisy fun as they liked!

A real kitchen allowed us to share meals together, enjoy quiet time after the crowds at the parks, get work done as needed, and travel lightly, since we could wash our clothes. The privacy of the pool was wonderful, loved that we were not overlooked. Having such a great amenity all to ourselves was lovely, and felt much like home (we have an outdoor pool, too).

The full-size kitchen appliances were lovely, as was the ability to have a family breakfast, take sandwiches and snacks to the parks (saving money and avoiding yucky fast food). My son was really tickled with the video games, especially the racetrack game (even I played with him).

With 4 bedrooms, everyone had space and privacy, including my parents which was really important to me. Staying at Breezy Oak Villa was a great choice for our family. We could not be happier with the excellent communication received during research and booking, and it continued through our stay. It was especially perfect for a family group that included kids under 10 and grandparents 65+.

Safe, clean, spacious, and with built-in, cost-free options for fun during downtime. Thanks very much to Robert and Donna for helping us to feel at home in the Magic Kingdom. We’re already looking forward to our next visit.

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