They treated us like gold…

They treated us like gold…

We have recommended your villa to half a dozen different people already…and hope that they will have the same experience that we had in dealing with you…you were fantastic wealth of knowledge, and enhanced our stay in the area by 1000% by providing us all the additional information on the do’s and don’ts of the area… What we liked best about staying in your home was that we had a home that we could call our own for the two weeks we were there…it was nice to come home at the end of a busy day and unwind in our own private pool!

The home was fantastic, Robert you made the final planning of our trip very simple with your information on your ticket supplier, etc…they treated us like gold…the directions you gave for the entire area were fantastic..I even found a few more adventurous routes while there because I followed my GPS instead of your maps…LOL!! I will definately recommend your villa to others, and if we are ever back in the area will be making sure we check out availability of Breezy Oak Villa. Thank you for all your help in making our first trip to Florida so enjoyable.

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  • Stayed January 6, 2011
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