Lovely comfortable vacation home

Lovely comfortable vacation home

Comfortable home, lovely furnishings. No smoking in the home understandable, no smoking on the property outside unreasonable. Disappointing that second main bedroom had no tv. Master bedroom bed way too high. Love the kitchen with the soft close cabinets. Pool and patio absolutely lovely. Very quiet and comfortable neighbourhood; friendly neighbours. Otherwise no complaints.

  • Stars 4 Out of 5
  • Property POV
  • Stayed August 27, 2014
  • Submitted November 20, 2014
  • Posted To VRBO By Guest
  • Guest Sylvia R.
  • Home Location Missisauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Reservation ID  228
  • Recommended for: People with Disabilities,  Families with Young Children,  Girls Getaway,  Age 55+,  Romantic Getaway

Owner response: Thank you for your compliments on our property. I will reply in detail to your concerns for our other guests’ information. Smoking is not permitted on our property for these reasons: 1) Some smokers throw butts anywhere without concern. We have high standards and tossed butts are unacceptable trash which must be picked up by hand, often working on hands and knees. 2) As a non-smoking home, our guests expect it to be clean and free of odours. Heavy smokers bring strong smells in the home, even if they don’t smoke inside. Smoking off property provides a small opportunity for clothes, skin & hair to air out before entering the home. Hopefully this helps minimize strong odours and the extra work we do to eliminate them. 3) Imagine our disappointment to find our new $1200 outdoor chairs marred by a cigarette burn. That smoker ignored our rules, and ruined the beauty of a new set of furniture for us and all our future guests. Why should this be acceptable? 4) Our homes are in a woodland conservation area, and has been under severe drought. Native forest with decades-old trees are just feet away. Just as fires aren’t permitted in parks during times of high risk, smoking is not permitted on our property because of increased risk forest fire from ashes or a carelessly thrown cigarette. There is nothing unreasonable about our policy. It simply is what it is, and guests are free to choose to stay with us or not. We are not responsible for what assumptions they may or not make about the their stay. Our policy is detailed in our terms & conditions, and guests are required to acknowledge separately that they have read and accepted them when booking. If a guest wants a home where smoking is permitted on property, they can choose a different home. There is no wiring for TV in one bedroom and construction of the home makes it difficult to install. We are working to remedy this and expect to have cable there within the year. For now, our home has five high-def flat screen TV’s with online access & BlueRay, four of which have fibre-optic cable. We provide our guests with a massive, king-size four-poster bed, with lots of pillows! It is like something out of a fairy tale. It IS high, so we provide stools on each side to assist guests. Many of our guests absolutely love it! (See other reviews.) For those that don’t, or can’t use it, our 2nd bedroom has a queen bed with the same high quality mattress at lower height.

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