Seems nicer, fresher and with more space at the pictures than in reality

With the nice pictures from the homesite in mind we saw forward for the stay. When we arrived our first impression was that the house felt smaller and not so fresh that it seems on the pictures. Unfortunately the pool heater did not work our first week but after we have been in contact with the owner, it was repaired and works the last three days.

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  • Stayed December 27, 2018
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  • Guest Nathalie V.
  • Home Location Skillingaryd, Sverige, Sweden
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My Response
Every owner wants to have nothing but 5 star reviews so this is disappointing, however likely reflects cultural differences regarding ratings as much as the actual stay.

The contact from the guest during their stay was “We enyoing the stay here in Florida and at your villa.”

The villa is well maintained to keep it as fresh as possible. It is impossible to be responsible for how guests interpret photos which are taken with blinds open for natural light, lights on, and the property presented at its best. Sometimes guests arrive after months of anticipation, tired and weary after traveling a long way, and with jet lag added, may be set up for disappointment. In the winter when the sun is low, guests may arrive to find the property dark, with blinds closed and few lights on. While the villa is no different than the photos, the 1st impression can be.

Having the villa full to its max capacity (mostly adults) will make it feel smaller than for an average family plus a couple of grandparents. We have stayed with our own family of seven adults and do not find the villa small, and the vast majority of our guests agree.

The comments regarding the pool heater malfunction do not provide an accurate picture. Unfortunately, in the harsh Florida environment, even the best maintained equipment will break down. We promise to respond to all situations just as quickly as possible. (For example, we had a factory warranty technician out on a Friday evening at 7:00 PM after being alerted to a problem at 2:00 that afternoon.) This guest’s stay was two full weeks. We were alerted to the pool being cold on the sixth evening of their stay. We immediately contacted the repair company who attended as soon as possible. The heater did need repairs which were completed just as quickly as possible. It functioned well for the remainder of their stay and continues to do so. It was functioning more than just the last three nights of their stay, though this may have only been when they chose to use the pool. Had we been alerted earlier, this could have been addressed sooner.

In order to prevent future issues, we are installing new technology right now which will monitor and immediately alert us to problems, plus allow remote adjustment of settings. We already use similar tech to monitor the A/C and hot water heater, allowing us to detect and respond to issues before a guest may even be aware of them.

We are committed to doing the most we can to ensure the best stay for all of our cherished guests.

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