Definitely earned the right to say A Private Pool!

Definitely earned the right to say A Private Pool!

We were pleased to stay with you & enjoyed everything about the house: surrounding neighborhood, the nearby grocery and gas, the distance to attractions and other shopping (like Disney and Wal-Mart), the information in the house for attractions, restaurants, shopping and the directions/maps for them, the layout of the house, the games in the garage area (definitely a plus, especially for a rainy day), the privacy of the pool area, the decor, the items available in the kitchen, etc.

I have stayed in other homes in the area and compared many of them online for the past 10 years. I didn’t feel that I got a bargain price for your home, but I also don’t feel that you are overcharging.

I loved the privacy of the pool area! I can not stress that enough! Not only is it private, but there is actually a nice view from the pool and there is some yard area surrounding it. Often people try to say their pool areas are private because the other (neighboring) pools are more than 2 feet away from their own pool, or they have some 18″ high shrubbery right up against their screen area. Well, their landscaping does not make the pool area private, especially when someone sitting in their own pool patio area can see right into 5 other pool areas, and the neighbors can see right over into your pool area! Even if there is enough landscaping to make it so one can’t see out or in, it’s still much nicer to have some open area to look out on and still have privacy. You have definitely earned the right to say you have a private pool area!

I loved the fact that you have some patio area around the pool to sit and still have space for others to walk around and the shaded area (with dining area!) at the pool is a plus. You have all the key things in your pool area that people seem to want… privacy, enough patio area that people can sit around and there is still room for others to walk around them, a shaded area and a dining area… oh yes, and a restroom that is accessible from the pool area without tracking through the whole house!

The dining bar counter area was a great feature in the kitchen. I also loved the closet space available in the home. The pool towels were great. You can never have too many towels in a home, especially bath towels.

Again, I really loved your home and enjoyed staying there. The pool area privacy & nice view from the pool is fantastic! The distance to restaurants, shopping and attractions is great. I definitely recommend your home to others.

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  • Stayed March 19, 2011
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  • Guest Tish G.
  • Home Location Brookston, IN, USA
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“We are having a fine time here so far.  The pool is fantastic.  We are enjoying everything here.  Thanks for having us!”  Tish


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