, private and family friendly!

Cozy, private and family friendly!

5-Star Reviews


We had a marvellous stay with my husband and 5 children. The house is very confortable, practical and easy to deal with. The kids loved the pool area, even at night when returning from the parks. The playroom with tejo and pooltable was great! The quiet surroundings and privacy were just what we needed after long days full of people in the parks. And it is only 15-20 minutes away!

We felt welcome at all times.

  • Stars 5/5
  • Property BOV
  • Stayed September 20, 2015
  • Submitted October 3, 2015
  • Posted To VRBO By Guest
  • Guest Virginia C.
  • Home Location Beccar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Reservation ID  295
  • Recommended for: Families with Young Children,  Girls Getaway,  Families with Teenagers

Owner response: Thank you Virginia for your kind words. It was a treat to host you and your family in Florida. Thank you for staying with us, and please do come back again soon!


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