A home away from home with everything you need

A home away from home with everything you need

Pleasant Oak Villa truly felt like a home away from home. Directions to the home and how to use the appliances were detailed and easy to understand. The kitchen truly had everything you would need, pots and pans of all sizes, bakeware, ample glasses, silverware and dishes, a blender, a mixer, etc. I was even able to bake a birthday cake for my son while we were there! Having our own space to escape to after visiting the local attractions was just what we needed. The pool and game room provided many hours of entertainment for everyone!

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  • Stayed April 25, 2014
  • Submitted August 21, 2014
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  • Guest Martha S.
  • Home Location Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, USA
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  • Recommended for: Families with Young Children,  Sightseeing,  Age 55+,  Families with Teenagers

Owner response: Thank you for your comments. When we first purchased the home, the kitchen was quite inadequate – a vacation rental ‘standard’. As a home designer/builder I knew that it was not very functional, and as a gourmet chef Donna quickly realized it didn’t work well at all. There was no storage, nor space to work. We started making plans to replace it, and people said “What’s the point? It’s only a vacation home!” We knew that if it didn’t work for us, it wouldn’t work for our guests. Donna loves to cook when we are there, experimenting with new dishes based on foods not available back home, and I wanted a home of which I could be proud. So out it all went. We tore out cupboards, countertops, appliances, flooring… everything (including the kitchen sink)! We even jackhammered out the concrete floor in order to move plumbing lines to put the sink and dishwasher in their proper place. Then we built a new pantry, put in maple cupboards and quartz countertops with tile surround backsplash, and finished it off with new appliances and dining furniture. A big part of what makes that kitchen so great is what we have stocked those cabinets with, and you can’t see that in the photos! So thank you for noticing our efforts. We love it when guests comment on the details that make our home a cut above the rest. And of course, thank you for staying with us! We’re glad you could celebrate your son’s birthday in style!

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