Lovely pool home with nature in your back yard

Lovely pool home with nature in your back yard

Lovely pool home with nature in your back yard

I was looking for a solo getaway and specifically looking for something that felt safe, close to gas and food, and most importantly, HAD A POOL JUST FOR ME. LOL
There was nothing I didn’t like. As it turns out, the lot is perfect for privacy and seclusion despite being surrounded by homes and having roads nearby. The grounds were lovely and natural for Florida nature lovers. The pool was spotless and I greatly enjoyed the views from the water into the “forest” behind the house. Positively peaceful place for me. The décor inside was lovely as it has a rich feel with its colors and textures, yet many touches of Wimsey, like the pirate statue in the living room or the treasure maps on the walls and accents around the house, as well as the colorful spare bedrooms. The house, décor, and yard have many elements that we have in our own home, but this one has a pool. I felt like it was a home away from home (minus the home office and obligations).
From the moment I began corresponding with Robert, it was easy and fast. He seems to have thought of, or experienced, the various things he has so carefully thought to include in the home as well as in the booking process, making sure to send you all the information you might need, even the info you didn’t know that you needed. LOL I couldn’t believe how organized everything was and how much attention to detail there was with nearly everything. Things I would normally have to think about, bring, or buy on trips were there for me. Aside from having just about everything needed in the kitchen and bath, I appreciated the additional things like having a multi-usb outlet in the bedroom, books for adults and children in every room, making sure there are plenty of towels for shower and pool, having fans available, and a cooling system in the game room, with laundry, as well as pool safety features. I especially love the stove top and electric tea kettles, as I am a tea drinker, but he did have a coffee maker and Keurig as well. There were even blenders. I usually schlep mine with me as I do protein smoothies. There is an app with information about the house as well as a local guidebook; a link is emailed to you. Brilliant. He makes sure there are directions for things in multiple places; even if you forget in a panic like I did with the alarm, he’ll remind you of the multiple resources he’s made available to you. I didn’t miss cable as the streaming was quite suitable for me. I would recommend this house for a solo getaway, like I did, or with family, or a girls or guys trip would work as well. If I am back in that area, I will definitely stay again.

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My Response
Wow Nicole! Thank you! It is rare that someone takes the time to express themselves so well and in such detail. It is so nice to see someone noticing all of the little details we work so hard to put into the property, in order to make it a special environment for our guests! Please come back again soon!

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