Heating has limitations

Pool Heating has limitations

Optional Pool Heating is available year round to our guests. Even though the pool is heated, it may not make every day appropriate for swimming.

Here’s why:

The vast majority of pool heaters in Orlando are heat pumps, which are highly energy efficient devices that gently warm the water by taking heat energy that is in the outdoor air, concentrating it, and using it to warm the water. It works a lot like a refrigerator in reverse.

The average Orlando vacation rental heat pump will warm the water at most 10-15º F above the outside air temperature. Ours are specifically over-sized, and given enough time, can heat the water 30º above the outside air temperature! But the day may not be that long!

The majority of resort pools, and vacation rental pools in the area are heated to 82º F. Why? Because that’s what Disney does, and they’re a major source of influence in the area. If it is too cold outside, Disney and most hotels will simply close their pools.

Our pools never close! And our over-sized heaters are set to 89º! And our pumps run longer each day than just about any others to make sure our heaters run longer.

With all of that, if the pool is too cold for swimming, then it is highly likely it is because the weather is simply too cold for swimming. Don’t blame the pool heater. Or a pool blanket, or anything else.

(Did you know that when it gets really cold in South Florida in the winter that iguanas fall out of the trees to the ground? If you see one just leave it alone. It will wake up when warmer temperatures return.)

You can’t see the pool blanket

In winter, our pools have liquid polymer pool blanket added to minimize evaporation and keep the heat in as much as possible. Tests have shown this works almost as well as a physical blanket, but is much easier to use. That’s because all we have to do is add it to the pool water once a week. And all you need to do is nothing… but enjoy it! No messy blankets to pull off of the pool, or cluttering up the pool deck. No dirt and other yucky things getting in the pool water because they collected on the blanket, and couldn’t be removed by the skimmer.

These types of liquid pool blankets are very similar chemically to sunscreen, and are completely safe.

Now, if you’re one of those polar bear types who likes to freeze getting in and out of the pool, remember that a pool is not a hot-tub, and can’t always be heated enough to make you comfortable in cold weather! If the weather gets too cold for swimming, remember that it is the weather causing this and take consolation in the fact that you will be able to swim sooner, and longer, than anyone else in the Orlando area at that time!

Of course, if the pool doesn’t seem to be heating properly, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know so I can have it checked. You should feel warm water coming out of the jets in the pool when the heater is on. If it’s not, and you think it should be, let me know right away!

I will get it tended to very promptly!

Read more details on Optional Pool Heating here.

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