Attractions in Central Florida

Other Attractions in Central Florida

We continue with our Comprehensive Guide to What to See and Do in Orlando, Florida, with our next list: Other Attractions in Central Florida. These are specifically ‘touristy’ things that you will find in Orlando. While a number of other items in our Guide could fall under this category, they’re on a separate list if they fit another category better.

There are so many things to see and do in Orlando, FL beyond the theme parks. Here we present a list of Other Attractions that are often overlooked by visitors.

1) Andretti Indoor Karting

2) The Escape Game

3) Crayola Experience

4) Cirque do Soleil

5) Museum of Illusions

6) Max Action Arena

7) Dr. Phillips Center

8) World’s Largest McDonald’s Play Place

9) Icon Park & Icon Orlando

10) Fun Spot America

11) I-Fly Indoor Skydiving

12) Machine Gun America

As you can see, opportunities for exploration and entertainment abound in the Orlando area.

For additional activities that won’t affect your wallet (or will only very little) check out the following:

Not everything in the Orlando Area Costs Money

Not everything in the Kissimmee Area Costs Money

If these aren’t enough things to do, you can always check out the following Entertainment Districts for a wealth of Dining, Shopping and Entertainment possibilities!

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