Orlando FL, the Theme Park Capital of the World

Orlando FL, the Theme Park Capital of the World

Not only does Orlando have the most theme parks of any location on earth, it also has the best theme parks, and the biggest theme parks, and the most highly attended theme parks in the world!

Together, these attractions make Orlando the most visited tourist destination in the world, with approximately 65 million overnight visitors each year.

So… just in case you haven’t heard about all of them, here is a comprehensive list of Central Florida theme parks, and links to a short introductory article on each of them!

Let’s start with the biggy; Walt Disney World. Now, don’t make the mistake of calling Walt Disney World a theme park. It isn’t. Calling it a resort isn’t even fair, as it is not what most people understand a resort to be! You know, a large hotel with its own pool and recreation facilities, multiple buildings and accommodation types, possibly a conference center, etc. Walt Disney World has something like fifteen of those!

Walt Disney World is an entertainment and recreation mecca so large that most people have a hard time wrapping their head around just how big it is. And for the record, it contains four theme parks. Also two water parks, two residential areas (yes, people actually live in Walt Disney World!), golf courses, a couple of shopping/dining/entertainment districts, and so much more. But we are talking about theme parks here, so they kick off the list!

Walt Disney World Theme Parks:

1) The Magic Kingdom

2) EPCOT Park

3) Disney’s Hollywood Studios

4) Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Next, comes Disney’s chief rival for your entertainment dollar in Orlando; Universal Orlando Resort. Like Disney World, this entry started off with just one theme park many years ago, and has grown since and continues to do so. Like Disney World, the Orlando resort is so much more than a single theme park.

5) Universal Studios

6) Islands of Adventure

7) Epic Universe (Under Construction and opening in a couple of years(?))

The next one on the list has also been around for a long time, and continues to add offerings as well.

8) Sea World

9) Discovery Cove

Next up is the new kid on the block (relatively speaking) and it’s new ‘kid sister’:

10) Legoland Florida

11) Peppa Pig Theme Park

And finally, although technically not in the Orlando area, it’s only an hour’s drive away and so deserves a spot on this list:

12) Busch Gardens, Tampa

Whew! That is some list! If you could completely explore and experience each of these theme parks in a single day, it would take two weeks (allowing for a day of rest in the middle – you would need it) just to experience them all.

But there is so much more to see, experience and do in Central Florida! We’re just getting started with our comprehensive list. So on to the next list; Other Attractions in Central Florida!

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