sure to See Manatees while in Florida

Be sure to See Manatees while in Florida

Welcome Florida visitors! Are you interested in seeing Florida’s majestic manatees in their natural habitats? You’re in luck, as Florida is the only place in the United States where these gentle giants can be found. Here’s a quick introduction to the manatees of Florida and the best places you can enjoy them up-close.

Spanning the southeastern coastline of North America, the majestic West Indian manatee is one of the oldest mammals around. Their large, slow-moving bodies and friendly dispositions make them a favorite among aquatic enthusiasts. In recent years, the number of manatees populating Florida’s waters has been on the rise.

While the entire state is home to these blissful creatures, there are some viewing spots that come highly recommended. For instance, Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most popular spots for manatee viewing in the state. The Salerno Bay manatees are another must-see, due to their large gathering along the coast.

In addition to these two renowned viewing spots, there are many other areas of Florida that are ideal for manatee watching. Manatees can be spotted in various canals, rivers, and bays throughout the state, providing plenty of chances for tourists to observe and appreciate these beautiful creatures.

If you’re in Florida, a visit to one of these manatee hot spots is a must-do. Whether you go to Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, Salerno Bay, or any one of the other available viewing spots, you’re sure to be in for a memorable experience.

By the way… you can see manatees just a few short miles away from Breezy Oak Villas, in Walt Disney World!

Be sure to check out the Manatees at The Seas with Neemo & Friends when you’re visiting EPCOT!

Happy manatee watching!

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