Landscaping,  Grounds & Pool Decks

Landscaping, Grounds & Pool Decks

Do you know who the greatest Florida landscapers are? We are!

Which is wonderful except that we don’t live there!

Honestly, quality landscaping care in Central Florida is one of the greatest challenges for vacation rental home owners. It takes constant work! The simple truth is that most local vacation rental owners (and even many regular home owners) don’t care about their landscaping! Half of them never water their grass at all, and it shows.

Unfortunately what this means for us is it’s just about impossible to get landscapers who care about our yards the way that we do! They’re simply just not used to our standards!

When we visit Florida, we spend an incredible portion of our time on our property’s yards, because it is so difficult to get anyone local to do it. Local companies will cut the grass, and trim a few hedges, but that’s about it! And sometimes, they won’t even do that!

Florida weather and the environment is very tough on landscapes, and they require constant care. If you find anything not up to snuff, please let us know, but also be patient with us.

We regularly clean the pool deck and furniture, but it may not be long before a big storm blows in and covers everything with mud and dirt. Seriously! You have to experience it to understand how a Florida rain shower can bring a coating of muddy water over everything. (The drops pick up dust as they fall through the air.) It doesn’t happen often, but when it does… it will be a few days before your arrival!

The amount of humidity during a Florida summer leads to a build up of moss and mildew each year that takes weeks to clean up. Just be aware that it is a constant battle we fight, and the late fall season is when all of this can once again be brought under control, and the villas will once again look just like their picture post-card selves!

Keep in mind that after a long, hot, wet summer, you’ll likely see an awful lot of moss and algae on everything. It’s simply the norm in central Florida!

Part of The Crash Course in being a Great Vacation Rental Guest!

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