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Our 1st Vacation Home • Since 2009

The incredibly quiet, comfortable and relaxing Breezy Oak Villa, with an intimately private back yard and pool area surrounded by virgin Florida conservation area forest.


Our 3rd Vacation Home • New 2023

We stayed in this very home on vacation in February 2003, and enjoyed it so much we wanted to share the experience with others, leading to Breezy Oak Villa, and 20 years later, Happy Oak Villa… right where it all began!


Our 2nd Vacation Home • Since 2012

The vacation home where we stay most often ourselves. Pleasant Oak Villa has undergone the most transformation under our guidance, including the enlargement of the pool deck and enclosure to be the widest in the subdivision!

These fabulous properties, set in a conservation subdivision located just two miles south of the Walt Disney Resort property southwest of Orlando FL, sleep eight people in four bedrooms with two bathrooms. Each has its own private pool, full kitchen, living room/lounge area, and games room, with parking at the door, and just a short 15-minute drive from the Magic Kingdom parking lot! Available for rent on a short term basis, with all linens provided and professional cleaning between each guest, these wonderful vacation villas are the perfect accommodations choice for families, couples who value their privacy, and vacationers looking for a better value, and to escape the Disney ‘bubble’.

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