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Fiddling with Electronics

Just like with things in the kitchen, expect things to not work the same way, or be in the same place, that you have them at home. This may be true of simple things, like the thermostat, or complex things like the TV and WiFi systems.

You may need to spend some time figuring out how everything works. If you have ever played with new electronics out of the box, you understand that even knowing how these things generally work doesn’t always make using new ones the first time easy.

Just take your time, be assured that everything was working the last time we saw it, and don’t get frustrated and start pulling things apart because you think you know better!

It is always disappointing to discover that between our own visits a guest may have disconnected or reconfigured a TV or entertainment system, and then not put it back the way they found it. This usually means it doesn’t work when first turned on.

We worry; how many guests may have been affected by this? There simply is not enough time available for our property managers to check and fix all of these things between our guest departures and arrivals, so we appreciate it if you wouldn’t change things and leave them in a non-functional state.

If you absolutely have to change something, please put it back and leave it as it should be. If you find something in disarray from the previous guest, please forgive us and them; and if you know how to put it back as it should be, do so with our thanks!

If you have any questions at all, please check the home manual first, but don’t hesitate to call and ask for help (1-306-381-9224). I am always glad to assist you and will happily guide you through anything you could use help with.

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