Customer service is stellar

Customer service is stellar

The villa was a nice, quiet place for our family to stay. We enjoyed the home and the pool. As a family with adult children the home met our needs, and at a reasonable price. The kitchen provides all the necessary items for your meal preparation. The pool was clean and the neighborhood was quiet, which was wonderful for an afternoon by the pool. Most of all, the customer service is stellar. From the very beginning, my emails were answered promptly and I felt at ease renting the property.

The home was convenient to Disney World and Universal. The home provided a quiet, comfortable place for us to rest. The furniture was in good condition and the kitchen was well stocked with dishes and utensils. The experience overall, was pleasant. I was very impressed with the customer service from beginning to end and that in itself will bring me to recommend staying in the home.Thank you for helping make our vacation one to remember!

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  • Stayed March 4, 2017
  • Submitted March 12, 2017
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  • Guest Janet A.
  • Home Location Mckinney, Texas, USA
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