Cleaning the BBQ

If you have rented the BBQ, please keep the following in mind.

If you use a BBQ at home, then hopefully you know that the best time (and the time most likely for it to actually happen) to clean a BBQ is right before you use it, not after.

The truth is, when most people are done with a BBQ, there is a hungry crowd waiting for our suitably scorched and charred concoctions, who don’t want to wait on us while we take time to clean our beloved outdoor gill.

The absolute best way to clean a BBQ grill is to do so when it is really hot, using a good BBQ brush or scraper dipped repeatedly in a tray or bowl of water. The resulting steam powers everything away very quickly. Grime and grease go from the brush into the water with each dip.

BBQ’s work best when preheated, so use the time while the grill is warming up to give it a good cleaning.

Then give it one last clean after the last time you use it. Everyone will appreciate your efforts.

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