Villa Cleaning

Villa Cleaning

The villa should be suitably clean and ready for your arrival.

If not, please let me know immediately so that I can get it tended to, but please also keep in mind that our cleaners have only three to four hours in between guests to get the house ready. That means it is simply impossible for everything possible to be done in advance of each guest’s arrival. But everything reasonably necessary certainly will be.

Some cleaning jobs, just like in your own home, only are done once or twice a year, like pressure washing the pool deck, or cleaning the windows. In between, only touch-ups may be possible. This means there is a chance that your stay may happen just before a bigger job (such as professionally steam cleaning the carpets) is done, which means that you may find that a particular area is simply not at its best when you arrive. Please understand that this isn’t a reflection of ongoing maintenance or cleaning standards, but simply a matter of timing.

Again, if anything does not meet your expectations (cleaning or otherwise), let me know immediately so that I can arrange for it to be remedied in a way satisfactory to you and won’t interfere with your vacation. Don’t be afraid to ‘bother’ me! I want to know what is happening at the property and our guest’s eyes and ears are our best source for this. Plus, I love the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our guest’s satisfaction! If it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for you! And I’m likely more fussy than you are!

But also do keep things in perspective. I’m sure that in your own home if I go snooping right now… I will likely find a few dust bunnies hiding way back under the bed or sofa if I look for them.

Unlike a hotel, we can’t have cleaners patrolling everywhere all day long (or we would have to charge four times as much, and it would interfere with your stay).

The villa should be reasonably well cleaned for your arrival, and even a touch above that, but don’t panic if you see some dust on something that is rarely touched by guests (Like the one guest who put herself in danger to climb up on top of a tall stool to take a picture of the inside of a return air duct because she thought it may be dirty! Of course it is! It’s a return duct, not a source of supply air to the home.) and only gets cleaned once or twice a season!

We just may not have been there ourselves to do it recently!

Part of The Crash Course in being a Great Vacation Rental Guest!

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