Hello world!

Welcome to the Breezy Oak Villas Blog!

Why I started this blog…

Two reasons, actually.

First of all, it was mostly to save me time.

And second, and more importantly, to provide our guests with great customer service!

You see, I love interacting with guests, and helping them out as much as I can.  I have personally written hundreds of guests by email to answer hundreds of questions.  I love to do that.  But every once in a while a guest asks a question that I have already answered.  And the last time I answered it, I did a really great job! So then when a similar question from a guest comes in, it sends me off furiously searching through old sent emails…

“Let me see… I wrote something brilliant about that at one time!  Now where did I put it?”  I would spend a while searching through years of emails, and sometimes I would find it, and sometimes I wouldn’t!  The ‘wouldn’t’ part can be the most frustrating.  So for a very long time, I have thought to myself, “I have got to start putting this stuff on our web site somewhere where both I and the guests can easily access it.”  And a blog would be the perfect answer.

Besides, I tend to be rather long-winded, which can make my email responses kind of long, and a guest may be intimidated by asking ‘When can I check out?’ and getting a response the size of War and Peace in return.  So with all of this information posted in this blog, I can just send a link to the information, and the guest can get their answer here. Plus, if there is anything else that strikes their interest as they see the various posts, they can read up on those items too, and if they are a real glutton for punishment, they can simply sit down and read it just for ‘fun’.

It can be useful for when one can’t get to sleep at night and sheep just aren’t cutting it, it could be great for punishing the kids when necessary

“You didn’t do your homework.  Go read the Breezy Oak Villas Blog for fifteen minutes!”  “Ahhhh, Mommmmmmmmmmm!”,

or it could be really confusing for historians a thousand years from now when it is discovered on a hard drive somewhere and the poor person finding it gets to think to themselves “Who is this guy? And why doesn’t he like his guests, that he subjects them to THIS!”


If you do not have a sense of humor, step away from the computer (or iPad, or phone) immediately, put your hands behind your head, spread your legs to shoulder width, close your eyes and call someone to come over and close the window on your device that is showing this blog!  Do it now!

The third reason for writing this blog (See?  That’s a bonus!!  I only promised two, but you are getting three!) is to entertain myself! Okay… I confess, sometimes I get overly impressed by what flies out of my fingers when I sit down at the keyboard and begin to compose one of my opuses.  Amazingly enough, I get a lot of positive comments about my writings regarding Vacation Rental Ownership and Management, which I have been contributing to a private owner’s forum for the last six years.  So I am not completely delusional… mostly, yes… but not completely – I actually have a few people who genuinely enjoy my writing, and my relatively strange sense of humor.

So here you have it!

The Breezy Oak Villa Blog.  It will be growing furiously as I contribute posts to it rapidly by going through all of those brilliant communications with guests, and sharing them here.

Grab a cup of coffee, turn down the lights, pull up your screen, and have fun!  Just don’t say you weren’t warned!



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About the author:Rob Peters is the Site Administrator, Blogger and Chief-Touble-Maker on BreezyOakVillas.com When not online, he is managing his terrific vacation rental properties in Florida, or admiring his three adult kids and loving his wife Donna.