Visiting Disney World? Many families (and especially Travel Writers) are doing it wrong!

Visiting Disney World? Many families (and especially Travel Writers) are doing it wrong!

Travelling to experience Walt Disney World in Florida? Families (and especially Travel Writers) are doing it all wrong!

I understand that many travel writers get free stays and other perks to come to Walt Disney World and write about a trip to the theme park capital of the world. But almost all of them are written from the perspective that a trip to Walt Disney World’s theme parks means staying in a Walt Disney World Hotel on the resort property! It does not have to! There are better choices available!
After spending up to a couple of thousand dollars on Theme Park Tickets, the LAST thing most people need (or can afford) is to overpay for their accommodations, by shelling out $200 to $1000 per night for a (often) mundane hotel room in a crowded, massive hotel, with lousy food service choices available, and a $20 – $50 per night parking fee!
Smart families (and even couples) understand that they can rent a full Vacation Rental property nearby, which often can allow them to get to the theme parks faster than guests who stay on property, provide them with a much better quality of accommodations, and save them thousands of dollars on accommodations! Plus, they have a much more enjoyable and relaxing vacation because they can escape the money sucking machine that is Disney!
Either to enjoy the other theme parks in the area (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, LegoLand, Busch Gardens) or the many other world class attractions, staying outside the Disney ‘Bubble’ is the best way to ‘do’ Orlando right!
And no, staying off property does not ‘destroy the Disney magic’… it actually makes it more enjoyable! You can learn why here.
A Walt Disney World vacation IS expensive, but it doesn’t have to destroy the bank account if one is smart about it. OR you can simply get, and enjoy, far more for the same money spent!

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