My Best Tips and Tricks as a Disney Expert #7

My Best Tips and Tricks as a Disney Expert #7

Tip #7

Take a Rain Poncho!

Take folded rain ponchos with you to the theme parks.

In the summer, you will need them for the frequent but short downpours which happen every day in Central Florida.

In the winter, you can use them to keep from getting drenched on many water rides (think Splash Mountain), especially when the weather is cooler, and it will take longer to dry out and you’ll be cold while it happens.

You can buy these in advance for a few dollars at Wal-Mart in the Disney souvenir section, or pay five times as much in the parks when you need them.

Bonus tip #7A: Take an extra pair of socks with you to the theme parks in a Ziplock bag to keep them safe and dry. You’ll be glad you had them!

My Background: Husband, Father, Grandfather – Disney Theme Park ‘Super’ Fan – Roughly 40 trips to Central Florida and Walt Disney World since 1997. Designer/builder with specific knowledge of theme park and attraction design, and history of Disney theme parks. Current Disney World Annual Passholder.  My son worked as a Cast Member in Epcot for two years. Disney shareholder. Owner-Operator of three successful vacation rentals located two miles south of Disney World Resort Property since 2009, hosting over 600 couples and families visiting Florida from USA, Canada, Europe, Middle-East & South America. As part of our service I provide advice, trip planning and suggestions for our guests all the time.

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