GAP Filler Bookings

GAP Filler Bookings

GAP (Great Available Periods) are short periods available at a great discount!

Minimum Stay Requirements are in effect during all seasons at Breezy Oak Villas. This means that only bookings of at least five to seven nights are accepted, depending upon the season. If you want to book a period less than the minimum stay requirement, the charge for the minimum number of nights will apply.

If existing bookings result in an unbooked gap in our calendar, then the minimum stay requirements DO NOT APPLY! This is a great opportunity to get a great deal on a short stay!

Check our availability calendar for any existing gaps and send an inquiry for them! We’ll rush a custom quote right back to you featuring a GAP Filler Discount that shows just how much you’re saving by taking up an existing small gap in our calendar.

This is great for last minute stays, especially for returning guests, whom we love! (Short stay requests always have to have additional scrutiny, as we can’t have the home being booked for house parties or similar types of events.) We already know you, so if you want a short get-away, the booking process is fast and easy!

Check our availability calendars here:

Breezy Oak Villa Pleasant Oak Villa

Offers are subject to change at any time.

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