FREE $65 Grocery Pack

FREE $65 Grocery Pack

Just imagine your arrival at your villa! No doubt you will be very happy when you reach the property, open the front door and walk in to your vacation paradise! Especially after a long journey to get there.

Make the experience even better by having a Welcome Pack of grocery essentials waiting for you in the villa, placed there before your arrival by our staff. This is a great idea for late arrivals, when the nearby grocery store may be closed, or a long trip to a 24-hour mega-store is just not appropriate.

The Welcome Pack includes:

3lb red apples
15.6 oz potato chips
1 loave sliced white bread
Strawberries preserves and Creamy peanut butter
Sliced ham
1 corn flake cereal box
Green tea bags
100% pure apple juice
1/2 gallon whole grade A milk
1 dozen grade a eggs
1 package sliced American cheese
1 gallon spring water
1 liter bottle Coca cola

For a limited time, those guests who inquire/book and provide the special code only available in certain Facebook ads, will receive a Welcome Pack absolutely FREE with their booking!

Sorry, the only way to get the code is on Facebook, and only if it is shown to you while browsing as you usually do. If you’ve seen the ad, lucky you! You’re special! Use the code to have your FREE Grocery Welcome Pack waiting at the villa when you arrive!

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