Vacation Rental is still a House!

A Vacation Rental is still a House!

When staying in a vacation rental, remember that you’re renting someone’s home.

It’s not a hotel. Nor a commercial building. It doesn’t have cleaning and maintenance going on every month, every week, every day, around the clock. It is someone’s home that comes with all of the quirks and challenges that every house that gets lived in and used, has.

This needs to be kept in mind when you are staying as a guest in someone’s home. If you find something that you think may not be just right, or out of place, or perhaps not quite as clean as you think it could be…

Just think!

We could go together and take a tour of your home right now, and inspect it for maintenance and cleanliness, and upkeep, and clutter, and see how it rates. And see how it fares by comparison to most vacation rentals.

Now, perhaps your own home is perfect. Perhaps you don’t have a job outside the home and get to spend your time working on your home, and cleaning and keeping it up all the time, and perhaps you’re just a whiz at it!

If so… can we hire you?

We’re definitely not that. But we are pretty good at what we do.

Welcome to our vacation home. It is a real vacation home, owned by a real family, who loves to vacation where our vacation homes are located. We live three thousand miles away in another country. We do the best we can, working at a distance, to make sure that our homes are exactly what we need them to be to have a great vacation. We never think things are good enough. We want them to be the best.

Unfortunately, we can’t drop things at a moments notice and run over to take care of an issue. Or put out a bowl of fruit. We have to rely on the best services we can hire to take care of things in our absence. Just like all other true vacation home owners do. (Remember, if someone offering accommodations lives nearby, they’re running professional accommodations as a business, not offering their vacation home for rent.)

And we also understand that the Central Florida area presents all sorts of unique challenges to home ownership, because we experience them. We work very hard, and spend LOTS of money to ensure that our homes are the best they can be for us and our family, and for you and yours.

Remember the Value Equation

But ultimately… it’s true. We could spend more money. On a much fancier, bigger, or newer house. That is always a possibility. But then… we would have to charge a whole heck of a lot more for staying in our home than we do. Everything is a balancing act.

So… should we go check out your home right now? How would it fare?

Or conversely… how much more money would you like to spend on your holiday, or need to, to eliminate a concern?

Is a concern reasonable, when renting someone’s home? Commercial villas not nearly as nice as ours are available just a few miles away, in Walt Disney World, for $2,000 to $6,000 per night!

So… what’s reasonable? When renting someone’s house?

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