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We loved the location of the villa, it was so peaceful after a long day at the parks. The pool was lovely when heated the kids enjoyed it so much, it was very private with no one looking into it like a lot of the villas in Orlando. TV was

The complete story! I’m well aware that a lot of things had to happen in a particular way for the following story to have occurred. But they did, and the story is true in every respect. Sometimes, if people go an extra mile… and the universe aligns in a particular

How TV Streaming Works and Solving Streaming Problems

About TV Streaming Like everything in the digital age, TV Streaming is more complex than old-style cable TV (which was complicated enough!). To assist you, here is a guide to how the systems work, and what may be necessary to do if things aren’t working right. For a general guide

A Breezy Oak Villas Vacation Home May NOT be for You IF…

Part 3 – You’re too rigid to relax! • You expect to be out in the country, with no one around you for at least a few miles. That is not what or where our properties are. They’re in a subdivision of 240 homes. All the services you need are

Cocoa Beach

Florida has many outstanding beaches for you to enjoy. For one on the Atlantic side, check out Cocoa Beach, about an hour’s drive due East from Orlando, and very near the Kennedy Space Center. Lori Wilson Park offers free parking and admission, with restrooms, outdoor showers, and other amenities that

The Incredible Breezy Oak Villas Website – Articles and Pages Index

We’ve worked very hard to put together the most comprehensive and helpful individual Vacation Rental Website on the internet! It is a wealth of information and help, but with over 300 pages and growing, it can be overwhelming as well. (And for us too!) Do you need to read all

Feeding a family at the theme parks on a budget

In another post, I explained that the greatest way to save money on a Florida Disney Vacation was to keep food costs down. Here’s how we did it when our kids were young and money was tight! The money you save on food alone can be enough to cover the

Optional Items and Extra Charges at Breezy Oak Villas

Rob, why do you make things optional and charge extra for them? We often see them included for free at vacation rentals! Thanks for your question. I’m happy to share with you details why we charge for optional items as we do. In a business, nothing is ever free. When

A Breezy Oak Villas Vacation Home May NOT be for You IF…

Part 2 – You don’t want to play along! • You refuse to read any pre-arrival information, or explanations about the TV or alarm systems, or anything else. Some guests just hate to read, and they don’t… which is perfectly fine, as long as they don’t stay with us. We

About Optional Pool Heating

Pool Heating is an option made available to all guests. The costs to heat a pool in Florida are significant. Most residential pool heaters in Florida are (like ours) highly efficient Heat Pumps, however there are still significant expenses incurred in heating a pool. In addition to the cost of

Why Rental Rates are so Cheap in Orlando, and why YOU should care

This is Part II of a two-part series. Part I discusses Setting a Budget for an Orlando Vacation Rental. Here in Part II we discuss Orlando’s cheap rental rates, how they affect your budget, and why you should care. A great friend of mine in the Orlando Vacation Rental business

Flash Sale Bid & Booking Form

Thank you for choosing to book Breezy Oak, Happy Oak or Pleasant Oak Villa. You have made a great choice and will enjoy staying in our much-loved Florida home! The following information is required in order to complete your reservation. Once completed, you will receive a Confirmation of Booking directly

A Breezy Oak Villas Vacation Home May NOT be for You IF…

Part 1 – We can’t meet your standards! • You’re looking for absolute top-end luxury. In truth, there are far nicer (and much more expensive) vacation homes to stay in nearby. Our homes are targeted at those who want a better than average experience at a price that keeps them

Why you might want to revise your “budget”

Every once in a while, I will get a guest reply back to me in response to a quote that I have provided, saying that our rates are more than their budget. This always leaves me wondering… “How did you set your budget?” This is Part I of a two-part

Navigating the kitchen

Our kitchen is a good size, and reasonably stocked (especially for vacation rental standards) so you may not find pots, pans and utensils in the places where you expect them, only because the layout is different from what you are used to. Don’t panic. Everything has been laid out and


You are responsible for the day-to-day care of the home, and this includes putting the trash out for pick up on Monday evenings. There may be trash in the container from a previous guest or the cleaners, just as you are likely to leave some when you depart. Don’t worry

Cleaning the BBQ

If you have rented the BBQ, please keep the following in mind. If you use a BBQ at home, then hopefully you know that the best time (and the time most likely for it to actually happen) to clean a BBQ is right before you use it, not after. The

Supplies: “What NO toilet paper?”

For TEN extra bonus points: This is one of the most common sources of unmet expectations for guests. In the Orlando area, vacation rental guests are expected to purchase supplies for their day-to-day needs along with their groceries. This is a big part of what self-catering means. Unlike a hotel,

Dishes and Utensils

Do you know how most vacation rentals ensure their dishes get regularly cleaned? They don’t provide enough of them! They force the guests to do dishes after every meal or else there will be nothing available for them to use next time. We take a different approach. Our kitchens are

Care in the Kitchen

Some things you just assume everyone would understand about cooking, but experience has shown that isn’t the case. These are a few of our expectations! Please NEVER use metal utensils in teflon cookware, EVER. NEVER cut in a Teflon pan! We supply plastic and silicon cooking utensils for use in


Typically, our vacation rental guests are human. (We do get the odd space alien, but we’re sworn to secrecy about that!) This means things will happen. We understand that the occasional dish or glass will get broken. It’s all right… just don’t crazy and start throwing them at each other, okay?

Landscaping, Grounds & Pool Decks

Do you know who the greatest Florida landscapers are? We are! Which is wonderful except that we don’t live there! Honestly, quality landscaping care in Central Florida is one of the greatest challenges for vacation rental home owners. It takes constant work! The simple truth is that most local vacation

The Weather

Most of the time, Orlando has great weather! But just like everywhere else on earth, occasionally the weather may be disappointing. *Gasp!* Every three years, a hurricane may blow through! Those can be challenging. In the summer, it rains almost every afternoon for an hour or so, but then the


Like almost all vacation rental homes, our home is ‘self-catering’. This means that you must take care of your own day-to-day needs while staying at the home, as staff are not available to cater to your needs. This means specifically that you are responsible for providing your own food, along

Pool Heating has limitations

Optional Pool Heating is available year round to our guests. Even though the pool is heated, it may not make every day appropriate for swimming. Here’s why: The vast majority of pool heaters in Orlando are heat pumps, which are highly energy efficient devices that gently warm the water by

Villa Cleaning

The villa should be suitably clean and ready for your arrival. If not, please let me know immediately so that I can get it tended to, but please also keep in mind that our cleaners have only three to four hours in between guests to get the house ready. That

A Vacation Rental is still a House!

When staying in a vacation rental, remember that you’re renting someone’s home. It’s not a hotel. Nor a commercial building. It doesn’t have cleaning and maintenance going on every month, every week, every day, around the clock. It is someone’s home that comes with all of the quirks and challenges

Every guest should be able to leave a 5-Star review

Every guest should be able to leave a 5-Star review. Here’s why: A 5-Star review for a vacation rental property is not an indication of the quality of the property. It has nothing to do with 4-Star or 5-Star Hotel System you may have heard of. Rather, it is an

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition on International Drive is a unique exhibit and experience for history buffs and anyone interested in the history of the great, unsinkable ship that went down on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic. Titanic’s story is one that has fascinated the public for more than 100

Must I clean when I leave?

It has become fashionable in recent years to complain about having to ‘clean up’ when leaving a vacation rental. The typical comment is “I’ve paid a cleaning fee as part of my rental, why do I have to clean the place before I leave?” First of all, you don’t. But you